500 Days and Still Nothing

500 days ago from Today, CNN went crazy with their coverage of missing flight MH370. For weeks the network covered nothing but the missing plane.

500 days later and CNN barely mentions the plane, even though it's still missing and no one has a clue where it is. 

It is thought to have ditched into the southern Indian Ocean more than 2000km west of Perth but an extensive air, sea and underwater search has found no trace of the aircraft. No even a seat cushion has washed up on any shore. 

Australian Transport Safety Bureau Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan said in the early stages, the complexity of the search mission was not immediately apparent.

“Once we started looking and defining the search area, it became quite clear it could take up to two years,” said Commissioner Dolan.

“We still remain confident it will be found in the next year.”

In a year, CNN may have ditched new altogether and gone with 24 hours of entertainment programing.

So what happens first, they find the missing plane? Or CNN gives up doing news entirely?

Place your bets now.