Chattanooga Station: We will Not Cover Protestors

There are reports that the idiots from Westboro church are looking to come to Chattanooga and demonstrate at the funerals of the Marines and sailor that were killed in the base shooting. 

WRCB's News Director Derrall Stalvey took to Facebook to tell viewers that his station would not be covering these people.

"We will not help them spread their message of hate," Stalvey wrote. 

Here is his entire post he made to Facebook: 

EDITORIAL NOTE: We have heard reports about the Kansas group that may send members to Chattanooga to protest the slain service members. WRCB will not be manipulated into coverage by a group that tries to take of advantage of situations like this. We will not help them spread their message of hate. We make coverage decisions each day on what to cover and not cover. We will not be covering their protests unless it evolves into other issues that might make it newsworthy. If we do choose to cover any issues of public concern, we will do so without showing the picketers, signage, or their messages of hate. Our coverage has, and will continue to, focus on the fallen servicemen as well as the others who were affected. (Derrall Stalvey/WRCB News Director)