We Didn't Do It

I'm always shocked by how many emails I get from regular TV viewers that don't work in the industry.

Many times that want to weigh in on a station or network.

But sometimes, they think FTVLive has control over the stations and networks. We once got an email sent to us, that was directed at HLN's Robin Meade and how she should do her eye make up. We passed the email onto to Robin.

This weekend we got this email:

From: "Lois" <lomuz@cox.net>
Date: June 15, 2015 at 3:41:24 PM EDT
To: <ftvlive@gmail.com>

Sadly, I will not be watching Channel 12 News anymore.  Why did you have to go to an outside person?  Either Fay Fredericks or Tram Mai would have been excellent choices.  You have no loyalty.

OK, I don't know which Channel 12 she's talking about and I can promise this Lois, I didn't hire anyone from the outside.

But Lois, you are right, I have no loyalty.