Jacksonville Station Hires Jaguars Mascot

It's not uncommon for TV stations to hire an ex-player from the local NFL team.

WTLV has hired a formerJacksonville Jaguar, but he didn't play any games, he was the team mascot. 

After 19 years as Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville, Curtis Dvorak will be working as a co-host of the daily magazine show First Coast Living and as a entertainment and lifestyle reporter for Good Morning Jacksonville.

"I'm not dead…I'm going to do something I've done for 19 years…..entertain Jacksonville….I just won't be covered in fur.", Dvorak says of his new role.

The station says that VP/Programming Bonnie Solloway and News Director Meagan Harris know that 'the artist formerly known as Jaxson De Ville' will be a perfect addition to First Coast News – a team that prides itself on staying nimble enough to think differently, take risks and have fun.

"We look forward to unmasking and unleashing Curtis's boundless enthusiasm and considerable talents - each and every day.", says First Coast News President and General Manager Rob Mennie.