Driver: I Delivered Large Sums of Cash to Women for Sumner Redstone

A man that says he was hired by Viacom to be Sumner Redstone's personal driver says he delivered large sums of money to women on behalf of the Viacom/CBS boss.

Tim Jensen writes in the Hollywood Reporter that he was hired on as Redstone's personal driver and it was, "a most unusual job."

He claims that he was making cash deliveries to several women as part of his job. 

Jensen said that a woman named Sydney Holland (on the right in the picture from Redstone's birthday party) had taken over much of Redstone's personal affairs.

Jensen writes," Holland would give me a check made out to "cash," usually for several thousand dollars, and, per her orders, I would take the check to the Bank of America, where the teller would put money in an envelope. I was instructed by Holland to make arrangements to give the envelope to one of the women whom I had seen at the house frequently. 

Holland would tell me how much to pay each particular woman. For some, it was an easy transaction. For others, I couldn't get enough money out of the bank on one visit, so I would need to accumulate enough over a few days and then pay them. I'm talking several thousand dollars going to each woman in a delivery, and it made me nervous to carry that much cash around. Within a day or two after seeing women at the house, I was cashing a check and delivering them money. It was mostly the same women — seven in total. To keep them straight, I maintained a spreadsheet that I still have today. In 2011, I think the total I paid to these women was more than $1 million."

Jensen says that as his relationship with Holland sourced he was fired. He says a human-resources executive asked me to sign a nondisclosure agreement and offered me $36,000 to do so. He refused.

Patty Glaser, an attorney for Redstone and Holland, tells THR: “Tim Jensen is a disgruntled ex-employee of the Viacom-Paramount film group. He has made claims in the past, and we don’t believe they have any merit. In writing, Mr. Redstone and Ms. Holland told Paramount they wished that he no longer drive them and they wished that he be relocated within the company.” Viacom declined comment.