Apple's Streaming TV Service could Carry Local Channels

Apple is looking to add local channels to it's streaming TV service, which would be a huge blow to the giant cable companies. 

“The platform is ready and it rocks,” said one source.

Apple’s discussions with ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox initially foundered over the tech giant’s desire to offer on the soon-to-launch service local live TV feeds streamed on any Apple device, sources said.

But networks don’t control affiliate feeds. So Apple CEO Tim Cook’s team asked the networks to obtain those rights — instead of having Apple chase those rights around the country itself.

Now, it seems, Cook’s strategy is paying off, sources said.

The networks are close to having the right to negotiate with Apple on behalf of their affiliates, the sources added.

Those affiliate groups, which include Tribune and Sinclair, are being told by the networks that if they opt in and offer their feeds, they will be able to share in the added revenue the Apple streaming product will produce, sources tell The Post.

“Apple has a lot of reach and this is a good opportunity,” said one network source.

At CBS, executives are talking to affiliates about conducting Apple negotiations on their behalf, one TV source confirmed.

At Fox, the network “has the ability to negotiate with Apple [for affiliates], or it will have it very soon,” a second executive added.

Disney or CBS will likely sign the first deal with Apple to get the so-called skinny bundle off the ground — though a host of other hurdles remain, the sources suggest.

One of those obstacles could be Apple’s insistence that TV partners give up 30 percent of the subscription fee if users buy it in the App Store.

H/T NY Post