Former CNN Talent Involved In Shootout

Former CNN Headline News Anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, former CNN Investigative Reporter Chuck de Caro, found themselves in a shootout in Albuquerque. When the smoke cleared, the robber was dead and de Caro bleeding from three gunshots.

KOB-TV reports Russell and de Caro stopped at a Motel 6 on their way to California. de Caro was in the shower and Russell went out to get something from the car. When she came back to the room, a man pulled a gun and forced her into the room. 

De Caro came out of the shower and tried to calm the guy down. Both Russell and de Caro (a former Green Beret) carry weapons. De Caro managed to get his gun and bullets started flying. 

"I am very proud of my husband. He is my hero. He saved my life," Russell said.

De Caro was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.