(Update) CBS O&O Group Blows Out More Managers

If you're in management at the CBS Television Stations, you may not want to drink the water. In the last 30 days, KYW's ND, Susan Schiller, was canned, WCBS' Assistant ND, Valerie Federer, was fired and KCBS ND, Scott Diener, was shown the door.

Now, according to New England One, WBZ's managing editor, Pete Wilson and digital assets manager, Greg Nickerson, were both fired. Wilson had been managing editor for 6 years and spent 20 years at WBZ. Nickerson had been with the station 2.5 years.

(Update) San Francisco blogger Rich Lieberman reports that CBS O&O KPIX escorted Brandon Mercer, Director of Digital Content, out the door. Mercer was at KPIX a little less than two years. Previously, he spent 5 years as news director of Tribune's KTXL. According to his Linkedin, Mercer is now an executive producer for San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate.com.

Bets are being taken as to which CBS station, is next. Stay Tuned.