EXCLUSIVE: Anchorman Suspended Again

From the 'shaking your head' files, here's one out of Albuquerque. Back in February, FTVLive broke the story that veteran KOB-TV anchor Tom Joles, had been involved in a fight in the newsroom. The GM tried to say it didn't happen, but Joles was handed a one week suspension for getting into an altercation with several people, including longtime reporter Stuart Dyson.

Fast forward to June, when FTVLive reported that despite his behavior, Joles was inducted into the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall Of Fame. Sources tell us that during his acceptance speech, Joles went off the rails. First he said he wanted to thank Dyson; that because of him, his new nickname is, "The Burque Brawler". The audience cringed. But Joles didn't stop there. He proceeded to critique the performance of other stations in the market, turning his sights on KOAT. The Hearst station does stories on how disgusting items are that you touch. The reporter swabs an item, sends it off to the lab, and then reports on whether you could have caught Ebola from the public library drinking fountain. Insiders tell us Joles says, "You guys (KOAT) should swab yourselves, because you're the dirtiest in the market."

But wait, there's more. As Joles is wrapping up his speech he tells everyone how much he enjoys hiking in the Sandia Mountains. He says as his legacy, he wants to sponsor a compost toilet near the trailhead and he wants a plaque attached that says, "In Memory Of Tom Joles. He Gave A Shit". Now, I don't know about you, but that's one classy role model.

Evidently, station management was more than embarrassed and had a conversation with Hubbard corporate headquarters. Subsequently, Joles was summoned into the boss' office, and told he would be getting another week's suspension. We hear the station gave Joles the opportunity to pick which week he'll be off. Supposedly, 'the Burque Brawler' chose sometime in August.

Maybe it's time for Joles to start picking the color of paint for that compost toilet?