Out the Door in Houston

KRIV Reporter Kristine Galvan says she is taking a break from TV News and might not come back. 

In a Facebook post, Galvan says she is taking some "me time" and talks about how now having to one man band could keep her out of TV news for good.

Here is her post on Facebook: 

My contract with Fox 26 expires tomorrow. I'll be away from Houston TV news for at least six months, if I return at all.

It's bittersweet.

I've had an amazing ten years with KRIV and have met some pretty remarkable people along the way, but it's time for some 'me' time.

As some of y'all know, I had a right knee scope in January to fix a badly torn meniscus, medial ligament tear and lateral ligament tear. 

'On the job' recovery was difficult- especially during cold snaps and the Houston rodeo. 

Last week, I had my left knee scoped to repair the left meniscus, as well as tears to the left knee medial and lateral ligaments. 

I have no idea how I've been able to wear heels all this time, but for the next few months I'm going to shelf the heels in favor of running/ cross training shoes and work on strengthening my knees and legs.

I'll be 37 years old later this month. I can't imagine the complications I could face twenty years from now if I don't focus on correcting the problem now. 

I've always loved my job. I love reporting. I love writing, but the news industry is changing.

Reporters and photographers have always traditionally worked in teams, but reporters are now being asked (and in some cases required) to work alone. No photographers. No editors. Total DIY.

I don't know if I'll return to TV news, but I do know returning won't be an option if I fail to strengthen my knees. There's no way I'll have the mobility, flexibility or strength needed to carry or use the necessary equipment. 

So there you have it. 

It's definitely not the only reason for my departure, but it is the biggest.

I need some 'me' time. 

And since it is 'me' time (and my first summer off in 15 years) I'm hoping my latest incisions will heal quickly. I'd love to get a little beach time in without worrying about scarring. Cross your fingers for me 😉.

Big thank you's to all of my Fox 26 colleagues, past and present, but huge gratitude to those who make or break field reporters:

Ray Williams, Joe Lanford, Torrey Walker, Matt Matejka, Eckhart Von Ellenrieder, David Nevarez, David Lanier, Raymond Ramirez, Todd Smith, Gil Gredinger, Harry Hulsey, John Starling, Alan Barlow, Darlene Faires, Stu Brown, Rodney Pearson, (anyone I may have forgotten who is currently on staff as a Fox 26 photographer) as well as those of you I've worked with in the past.

Thank y'all. For everything.