NY Anchor Writes Book about Her Divorce

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade...

WPIX Anchor Tamsen Fadal had her marriage announced in the New York Times. Five years later he rocky marriage was fodder for the NY Post.

“Details about our bickering and our blowups, my ex-husband’s other alleged woman and, as Page Six put it, his other, other woman,” she writes.  

Fadal got divorced and in between anchoring newscasts at WPIX, she wrote a book about being back on the singles market and how she dealt with it. 

Fadal says the book came “organically” after crossing into her 40s and having a life changing event on her hands. She was consuming self-help books, and jotting down her own thoughts on improvement. While the self-help category can get a bit wishy-washy, Fadal says her notes were a bit more grounded. “I’m a journalist, so it was more black and white,” she says.

The New Single goes beyond relationships, with tips on managing careers and finances as well. The book is broken into 90-day guidelines, offering advice on cyberdating, dieting and accepting your former spouse, among other topics.