San Diego Sports Anchor Testifies at Shooter's Hearing

KFMB Sports Anchor Kyle Kraska took the stand at a hearing for the guy that is accused of gunning him down in his own driveway. 

"I looked down and realized I'd been shot. I looked down and saw holes in my clothes. I saw blood and I remember saying out loud, you shot me" but the man said nothing, Kraska testified.

Kraska identified Mike Montana as the man who opened fire on him on Feb. 10 as the anchor was backing out of his driveway in his silver Mercedes.

After Kraska pointed him out, Montana raised his hand and waved at the sportscaster.

Montana has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. His preliminary hearing was scheduled to continue Today in San Diego County Superior Court. A judge will determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Kraska testified that he hired Montana last year to repaint his Scripps Ranch house for $3,000 and gave him $800 up front. He had found Montana's business card taped to his front door.

"I felt like he needed the work and I wanted to give him an opportunity," Kraska said.

But the work was shoddy and he refused to pay Montana the rest, he said.

Montana quit in November, he said, but a week before the shooting left a note at Kraska's home.

Kraska read it in court.

"It said 'Kyle, you're using the house I painted. But you owe me $2,200. It's in your best interest to pay me. Send it to Mike Montana.'"

Kraska said on Feb. 10 he was backing out of his driveway to go to work when he saw a van approach and Montana got out and walked toward him.

Kraska said he rolled down his window and Montana told him: "You should have paid me my $2,200," then began shooting, according to the Union-Tribune.

"I realized that I'm in terrible danger," Kraska said.

Kraska said Montana pointed the gun at him and he heard window glass explode. He tried to get out of the car and crawl on his hands and knees but at some point realized he had been wounded.

He told Montana: "You shot me" but got no reply, Kraska testified.

Kraska said he got back into his car and curled up to avoid being hit again until he heard tires screeching as the car drove off.

Kraska said he then crawled about 50 feet from his cul-de-sac to an intersection where people spotted him.

Several windows in the car were blown out.

Montana was arrested at his El Cajon home about seven hours later.

H/T The Tribune