Blowing Up Action News in Cleveland

FTVLive has been telling you about the big changes going down at WOIO in Cleveland. 

We told you that Anchor George Smith and WeathermanJeff Tanchak have already been handed their walking papers and it appears that more will follow.  

FTVLive sources say that WOIO News Director Fred D'Ambrosi is looking make more changes to the anchor line-ups. Word is that a number of on air staffers will not have contracts renewed and will be replaced. 

We hear that  D'Ambrosi is looking for new (i.e. cheap) Reporters and Anchors to replace some of the high priced talent currently at the station. 

Look for either one or both morning Anchors (Catherine Bosley, Harry Boomer) to be replaced or reassigned. 

Also, as FTVLive FIRST told you, the station is dropping the Action News moniker later this summer. It will be replaced by "Cleveland 19 News".

Stay tuned.....