Huh? Scripps asks Employees to Pay to Test New App

FTVLive does beta testing for a number of tech companies, including Apple, Google and others. The best part of beta testing, you get to see the new technology first and you get it free.

So it surprised us that Scripps is asking their staffers to beta test a new app, but they want them to pay for it. 


E.W. Scripps has a new feature is coming to their "Storm Shield" app and they are asking staffers to test it out. 

A post on the company's internal intranet website called for people to test a new feature which places a call to your phone when a severe weather alert is posted for your area. 

All sounds good, except the part where they tell staffers they are going to have to pay to test something that might not even work well.

Here is a portion of the internal email sent to the staff:

You would hope when a company wants to use their employees to beta test something, they wouldn't make them shell out money to do so. 

Just saying....