Really?! TBS to Run Game Show Show to Find New Weather Anchor

Just when you think that Jeff Zucker can't get anymore shallow, he seems to drain a bit more water out of the pool.

TBS is launching a reality/comedy/game show to try and find America's next Weatherman.

According to the casting notice, "America's Next Weather" the show will give you a weather job on CNN and there is $100,000 prize.

They say that "NO Meteorology degree or experience needed" just a passion for weather (E.g. Storm chasers, Tornado watchers etc..)

"If you have the personality and bravery to report in any climate, then we want you! We need competitive, fun and big personalities!" says the casting call.

Word is the judges will be "real weather people" as opposed to the fake one that they are looking for. 

Oh boy!