Out the Door at KCBS

FTVLive was FIRST to tell you that KCBS/KCAL had cut ties with News Director Scott Diener.

The staff was told yesterday afternoon that Diener was done. "we’ve done a lot here. I’m proud of what we have accomplished as a team during my five-and-a-half years." Diener wrote in his final memo to the staff. 

“Scott has been a terrific news director and, on a personal note, a good friend during our nine years together in Dallas and Los Angeles. He should be proud of what he has accomplished here in Los Angeles during his time at CBS 2 and KCAL 9.” said Steve Mauldin, President and General Manager, KCBS/KCAL.

And while it was made to look like everything was fine and Diener was just looking to move onto his next adventure, insiders tell FTVLive that was not the case. 

"Plain and simple, he was fired," said one KCBS insider to FTVLive. Word is there were a number HR complaints involving newsroom staffers and sources say Diener did not handle the situations well.

"CBS did the right thing and cut him," another insider told FTVLive.

Now the station is looking for a new ND and that person will more than likely be shifted another CBS O&O. Which means another newsroom will be shaken up as they look for a new boss. Look for the O&O dominos to start falling into place.

Stay tuned.....