Off the TV Beat

Longtime NY Times Television Critic Alessandra Stanley is coming off the TV beat. 

Stanley, who made a number of factual errors in her stories is being moved back to reporting. In a memo sent to the staff, executive editor Dean Baquet said Stanley would now start covering the rich of the rich.

"....part of The Times’s deepening focus on economic inequality in America, she will be creating a new beat: an interdisciplinary look at the way the richest of the rich — the top 1 percent of the 1 percent — are influencing, indeed rewiring, the nation’s institutions, including universities, philanthropies, museums, sports franchises and, of course, political parties and government", Baquet wrote in a memo to the staff.

With, David Carr dying, Bill Carter taking a buyout, Brian Stelter defecting to CNN and now Stanley moving, the Times has basically shuttered their coverage TV. 

Which is a sign that the NY Times is dying a slow death or that TV is.

Just saying....