West Palm Beach News Director admits His Firings my Have Been Illegal

A recording of a WPEC (West Palm Beach) managers meeting was leaked to the website Gossip Extra.

In the recording the managers discuss how to fire people properly. 

On the recording are discussions between General Manager Mike Pumo, HR Boss Julie Dyer and News Director Mike McCormick. 

At the end of the recording, News Director McCormick brought up his worries that some of his firings in 2014 may have been illegal! Word is that McCormick called the meeting after he noticed that the station’s policy on firings was too vague and, possibly, illegal.

Others in the meeting laugh when McCormick said his firings may have not been right.

The source that leaked the recording, says that the meeting took place Dec. 9, 2014.

The first voice is believed to be Pumo’s, who insists that managers write up bad employees in more details.

“You have to have one document, or two,” Pumo says, “before putting them on a (pre-firing performance improvement) plan.

“That’s where we stumble.

“Take this very seriously. The better you write these plans . . . the better it will be to manage these problems.”

Later, Dyer explains how managers can’t threaten employees with the actual word “firing” in an email but can use alternative words like “performance” and “unacceptable.”

Then McCormick chimes in, saying he’s noticed that the only things needed at CBS12 to be a cameraman is a drivers license and show up for work.

“Honestly, I couldn’t fire anybody,” McCormick says. “As a matter of fact, the firings that we made this year (2014), I don’t think they were legal.”

WPEC is owned by Sinclair and if any company knows how to fire people, it's that one. 

Here is the audio as posted to Gossip Extra: