Chicago Station Gets Pranked

Severe weather moved through Chicago yesterday and stations were on the air with the coverage.

WMAQ Weatherman Grant Miller took a call from "Ryan" who was in the back of his truck near a tornado on the ground.

But, it seems old Ryan was just a prankster looking to drop a Howard Stern joke:

But, where it was even worse for the Chicago NBC O&O. When Miller through it back to Anchor's Allison Rosati and Rob Stafford, they apparently were not paying attention during "Ryan's" call.

This what they said, “We’re concern—I’m concerned about Ryan back in his truck. Uh, right now, Ryan? Are you near a building that you can get into? He, he, he lost the phone, okay.”

“Ryan said he’s in the back of his truck.”

Ummmm...Rob and Allison, I really don't think Ryan was in a truck and I'm fairly certain his name was not really "Ryan".

Just saying....