NBC Releases No Details of Brian Williams Investigation

When Brian Williams was forced into suspension for lying, NBC started conducting an investigation into his lies.

The Peacock raised eyebrows when they decided to use in-house investigator Richard Esposito to conduct the probe.

Many thought it would have been better for NBC to use someone from the outside, which would certainly at least, look more fair and honest.

But, apparently NBC cares little about how it looked or transparency. Despite a months long investigation by Esposito, NBC is releasing nothing about it.

NBC has decided to keep BriLie but demoting him to MSNBC. Another move that has angered many inside the network.

During Williams suspension, the network news division changed leaders, by bringing in Andy Lack. They had months to do this right and they entirely dropped the ball. 

One NBC staffer tells FTVLive that the handling of Brian Williams incident alone has made him lose complete faith in Andy Lack.

NBC's lack (pardon the pun) of transparency in this might do much more with viewers and advertisers.