Chuck Todd: Kudos to Brian Williams

NBC's Chuck Todd thinks that Brian Williams deserves a second chance and gives him props for admitting he has a huge ego.

Todd was a guest on “The Michael Smerconish Program” on SiriusXM, when he addressed NBC’s decision to retain Brian Williams.

“If I’ve done something and I admit it, I’d like a second chance,” Todd said. As for Williams’ TODAY interview, Todd added “I think he’s been shockingly honest about the ego thing. I mean, I thought – when he talked about his ego getting the best of him – you know, that’s not easy for anybody to talk about publicly. So kudos to him.”

On Williams' future at MSNBC, Todd says, “His unique gift and talent on television is live events. That’s his strength. That’s what Andy Lack has said is his strength and I agree with him. It is absolutely Brian’s strength. So this is something that MSNBC needs -- a strong person who can sort of deftly handle covering a live event as it’s unfolding. This is something MSNBC needs, this is something that Brian is very good at, let’s see if he can earn back the credibility and trust with the viewers to make this marriage work.”

Plus if the coverage gets boring, BriWi can make up some stories to keep it interesting.