NBC to Start Promoting Lester Holt

When Lester Holt took over the Anchor chair for Lying Brian Williams, he showed he could do the job.

Williams name was scrubbed from the title of the show, but Holt's name was not added. Holt got absolutely no promotion.

But, that will all be changing. NBC has been quietly working on a promotion package for Holt, now that he is the guy.

Sources tell FTVLive that promotion for Holt will start airing in days. Also, Michael Douglas's voice will be dropped from the opening of NBC Nightly News. For years you could here Douglas voice saying, "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams."

Lester Holt was the person that almost everyone inside the 30 Rock newsroom thought should get the job. Holt is well liked and plays it low key. 

Now, it's his time and NBC will start giving their new Anchor the promotion he deserves.

Proof that sometimes, nice guys do finish first.