MSNBC: The Crooks and Liars Cable News Channel

When NBC announced that it was moving lying Anchorman Brian Williams to MSNBC, it was a slap in the face of any "real" Journalist that works at the network. 

The Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik calls the move a slap to all Journalists. He writes, "When the face of a network news division can lie on several occasions about his record in combat coverage and come back as the face of breaking-news coverage on a sister all-news cable channel, clearly credibility has little or nothing to do with it."

”NBC's decision sends a cynical message to aspiring television reporters: that credibility matters less than a journalist's personal ‘brand,’ that truth is less important than fame, slickness and being a corporate team player,” says Mark Feldstein, a former ABC and CNN investigative reporter who now holds the Eaton Chair in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park.

But, maybe MSNBC is the perfect place for BriLie. After all, the network employs a number of tax cheats, so maybe adding a liar will make them more, do I say it? Fair and balanced.

Andy Lack was brought back to NBC to revive both NBC News and MSNBC. This move shows that he isn't really worried too much about MSNBC at all. 

Zurawik writes that NBC is now launching a rehabilitation tour for Williams that starts Friday morning on “Today” with him being interviewed by Matt Lauer.

How perfect is that? The hotdog who stabbed Anne Curry in the back interviewing the self-absorbed suit who lied about what he did in Iraq and Egypt and New Orleans and who knows where else.

Don’t make me laugh.