Matt Lauer's Q-Score Moves up

All of Brian Williams' troubles have been good news for Today Show Anchor Matt Lauer. 

Until Williams was caught lying, Lauer had been the biggest target for NBC critics. BriWi became the target and it moved Lauer away from the heat and his Q-score has been going up. 

Lauer's overall Q-score has moved from an 8 to 10. With women over 18, Lauer's Q has gone from an 8 to 12. Which puts him on par with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

The Q-score shows ikeability that is used by advertisers and media companies to vet celebrities for commercial and programming opportunities.

Lauer's Q tanked in 2012, when many felt he was responsible for getting Ann Curry booted from the Today Show. 

But now Lauer's Q-score is heading north and so are the Today Show's ratings. He might want to send a "thank you" note over to Brian Williams at MSNBC when he returns.

Just saying....