Wait a Minute Roger

When the news came down that Rupert Murdoch was stepping away as CEO on 21st Century Fox and handing off to his son James, Fox News boss Roger Ailes did not seem too happy about it. 

In what is being described as a rogue statement to his own Fox Business Network, Ailes said that he will continue to run the news network and will still report "directly to Rupert Murdoch."

James Murdoch had not even taken over yet and Roger Ailes was trying to cut out his feet from under him. 

NY Mag says that according to a well-placed source, Ailes directed Fox Business executive Bill Shine to tell anchor Stuart Varney to read the statement on air. "Ailes told Shine to write the announcement of the move for Varney to say," the source said. "In it, Ailes inserted language that he would report to Rupert."

That was obviously news to Rupert and now he and his sons are correcting the record. 

"Roger will report to Lachlan and James," a 21st Century Fox spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

It looks like an ego infested power struggle is taking shape and Roger Ailes just lost the first round.

Stay tuned.....