Pittsburgh Reporter Signing off for Cincy Anchor Gig

Longtime WPXI Reporter Timyka Artist is leaving the station at the end of the month and headed to Cincinnati.

She will be the Weekend Anchor at her new station. 

She is not saying yet where she is headed in the Natty, but she told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that at the new station, she expects to be involved in storytelling through the new station's digital platform: "I can't talk too much about that but, let's just say we are excited about hitting the ground running."

With just that information, FTVLive is guessing that she will be headed to Scripps owned WCPO. Scripps is pushing digital hard and for her to bring up digital, it makes perfect sense.

Stay tuned to see if we're right. 

Noting the similarities in architecture between her current and new cities' skylines, "was one of the things that sort of drew me in. I love Pittsburgh so much," said Ms. Artist, of Wilkins. "I will miss Pittsburgh. This city has been so good to me. I've been blessed to work here a long time."

She signs off WPXI on June 26th.