Meredith Reverses Trend at KTVK

FTVLive has been reporting on the steady stream of talent 'exits' at KTVK, ever since Meredith bought the station with plans to merge it with KPHO. They couldn't come to terms with primary anchor, Carey Pena; wouldn't renew primary co-anchor Fields Moseley; demoted anchor Jaime Cerreta; couldn't come to terms with AM co-anchor Kaley O'Kelley and wouldn't renew AM talent Yetta Gibson (that's just the high profile talent).

Sources tell us that finally, they realized they better keep someone the viewers recognize, and have renewed long time "Good Morning Arizona" anchor Scott Pasmore. Word is the 25+ year anchor inked a 5-year deal. We're willing to bet that should make him the highest paid AM anchor in the market, and probably in the Top 3 overall (now that Lin Sue Cooney is gone from KPNX). 

No one can argue he doesn't deserve it. Pasmore has been on GMAZ's anchor desk since the beginning. KTVK produces news from 4:30 am to 10 am. GMAZ has traditionally been a powerhouse in the time period, although, there's been some recent jockeying with Gannett's KPNX and Fox's KSAZ. 

Pasmore will anchor the 6am to 10am shows with Olivia Fierro, who Meredith brought back from KVVU in Las Vegas. When Pasmore isn't anchoring, he's flying his private plane. 

Kudos to Meredith for finally thinking of the viewers and not just the margins.