Fox Cleaning House at KTVU?

San Francisco blogger, Rich Lieberman is reporting some major cuts at KTVU. The perennial market leader was swapped by Cox to Fox last year. New news director Dana Hahn sat back for awhile, but now is making changes.

Veteran Health/Science reporter John Fowler is out. According to Lieberman, so is Fowler's producer, Sharon Navratil, who ironically, is married to Tom Vacar, their iconic consumer reporter. Also out; 30-year veteran Leslie Donaldson, who was the station's special projects producer. 

This probably shouldn't be too shocking, after all, Cox is a privately held company that had an endless supply of money and cared about their reputation in the community. Fox is going to run KTVU purely as a business, and that means slashing fat salaries.

Rich Lieberman 415 Media