GMA Gets Nervous as NBC's Today's Ratings Trend North

Looks like the Today Show's surge in the ratings is making the folks over at ABC's Good Morning America a bit nervous.

GMA still has the lead in total viewers, but NBC is winning the demo race and that has GMA staffers a bit worried.

An ABC insider explained to Page Six, “ ‘GMA’ may still be on top, but the mood behind the scenes is as if they are under siege. ABC News president James Goldston has been making regular appearances in the control room, and there are regular meetings with the anchors trying to stem any further slide.”

A second source added, “This is the war of all television — the morning shows are the most competitive of all, so if the ratings drop, it’s always treated seriously. We may be going into a slower summer season, but people are working harder than ever.”

Sources tell us that ABC News execs have been trying to figure out how “Today” has been able to close back in on “GMA” after holding a lead of more than 250,000 viewers last year. Theories include Matt Lauer “being more likable again because people have forgiven him [for the Ann Curry debacle],” and fears that “GMA” may have become too “tabloidy and showbiz-led.” A source added “GMA” has “gone too far with the entertainment themes that have made the show a success.”