FTVLive in Hollywood (the other one)

Today's FTVLive is coming to you from very slow WiFi from a hotel in Hollywood, Florida.


I'm here playing in the Florida State Golf Association's Match Play tournament. The difference between Match Play and a regular tournament, you play one person and not the entire field. Win you move on, lose you go home. 

The tournament started this weekend and so far I'm still here.

If you win your match in the morning, you are sent right back out in the afternoon to play another match.

If I keep winning, I could be here till Thursday evening. I lose and I could be home tomorrow.

The FTVLive Intern is going to take over the site until I'm either beaten or sitting at home with the trophy. 

The players here are damn good, so it is more likely to be the former than the latter, but you never know. 

So, while I head to the course, you can expect the FTVLive Intern to step in and keep you in the mix.

Later gang.....