Roger Ailes: I Report to Rupert

Although Rupert Murdoch is ready to step down from the Fox empire and hand it off to his kids, one guy is having none of that.

Fox News boss Roger Ailes isn't going to report to some kid, even if he is the boss. 

“My job is to report to Rupert, and I expect that to continue,” Ailes told Variety.

It appears, old Roger doesn't seem to have much respect for Lachlan or James Murdoch who will be taking over for his dad as the CEO of 21st Century Fox.

Ailes has clashed with Lachlan Murdoch in the past, enough so that Lachlan left the company in 2005, before coming back. 

“Rupert will need to appease Roger,” said Tuna Amobi, an analyst with S&P Capital IQ. “Even if it means that Roger Ailes is essentially given the freedom to run his own kingdom.”

Oh boy! This could get fun.

Stay tuned.....