Atlanta Reporter Donates Kidney to Stranger

WAGA Medical Reporter Beth Galvin puts her money where her mouth is.

The long-time Reporter went under the knife yesterday to have a kidney removed and donated to an anonymous recipient in Los Angeles

Galvin was inspired by a Atlanta area police captain’s similar journey that she covered for the TV station.

She posted this to her Facebook page:

I am taking a few weeks off from FOX 5 to do something I’ve felt led to do. On Tuesday, June 9th at Emory University Hospital, I will become a kidney donor through the Paired Kidney Donor program.

I will be the beginning of a kidney transplant chain that will stretch across the country. I do not know who will receive my kidney, except that it is someone in LA who needs it.

Props to her for making such a choice and bigger props for not doing this during a sweeps month. Really shows that her heart is in the right spot. 

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution