Station Passed on Airing Beating Video

A sources says they handed WPBF in West Palm Beach a video that showed Palm Beach Sheriffs Deputies beating a one legged man.

The source claims that WPBF chose to ignore the video, and decided to pass on airing it, in hope of staying in good graces with the Sheriff's office.

“They told me they want to stay in the good graces of the sheriff,” the source told Gossip Extra. 

Although it seemed like the perfect sweeps story, WPBF passed on the story. The source also gave the video to WPTV after WPBF refused to air it.

WPTV did show the video. 

WPBF News Director Paige Harrison did not respond as to why her station decided to bury the story. 

It should be pointed out that WPTV is the number 1 station in the market and WPBF is dragging up the rear.

Gee...I wonder why?

Here's the video: