Sin City Company Gets OK to Fly Drones for News Coverage

A Las Vegas company has received an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle to gather news images.

ArrowData, a division of Bowhead Systems, became the first operation in the country to receive approval to use drones for electronic news gathering or “aerojournalism” as the company is calling it.

A company spokesman said ArrowData is negotiating with a television station to use the news drone, but he would not disclose which one.

“This approval from the FAA provides tremendous opportunity for our company to pursue aerojournalism while working with local FAA officials to ensure safe flight operations,” ArrowData Vice President James Fleitz said in a Tuesday statement.

“Helping news stations of all sizes with the ability to have aerial video is a game changer,” Fleitz said. “This is a tool that stations in all markets will use to better inform the public, and we’re proud to be leading the way in this new industry.”

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal