Raleigh Photographer Assaulted on Story

WRAL Photographer Jay Jennings says he was attacked while covering a story and that he  suffered a head injury.

Jennings was shooting video outside the home of where a double murder happened 4 decades ago. 

Jennings said that, as he was filming the home, he saw a blue pick-up truck pull onto the property at about 2 p.m. Jennings said he then heard someone walking and he shouted a greeting to them. The individual yelled back to Jennings that he had 45 seconds to leave the area.

Jennings said he began to gather his equipment and the next thing he remembered was being struck.

Paramedics treated Jennings for his injuries. The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office told the Bladen Journal that “they had a vehicle stopped” in connection with the assault but no charges have been filed yet. 

The property where the attack occurred was the site of the grisly murders of Josephine and Aileen Davis, which took place in 1976. Joseph Sledge, a former Fayetteville resident, had escaped from the White Lake Prison Camp a day before the murders occurred.


Sledge had maintained his innocence throughout his 37 years in prison. His conviction was overturned in January and the SBI reopened the investigation. Sledge is now living in Savannah, Georgia.

H/T The Robesonian