Star Linebacker Learned a lot from News Anchor

Ohio State Buckeye linebacker Darron Lee is a star on the team and one head coach Urban Myer is looking to as a leader this season.  

The former high school quarterback wanted to play for Ohio State so bad, but the team told him "no".

He refused to take no for an answer.

"The most impressive thing about Darron is he came to camp looking for a scholarship offer from Ohio State," said Meyer, who is entering his fourth season as Buckeyes' coach. "We decided not to offer him yet. Told him to come back. Came back. I think we did it at least four times. And most kids move on and go to a smaller school. And this kid, said, 'No, this is what I want. I want to play at Ohio State. I'm going to come back again and I'm going to show you.'"

The offer finally came, but with another challenge. Lee would be moved to linebacker.

"Getting here, that transition was pretty difficult because I wasn't as big yet," Lee said. "I didn't really know what I was doing."

Lee says that he ate a lot of peanut butter to bulk up and he got great advice from a local news Anchor.

WCMH Anchor Candice Lee has been giving the star football player advice his entire life. It's easy to do, because Candice is Darron's mom. 

"I learned a lot from her," Darron said. "She said if you ever speak to people, make sure you speak clearly so you can get your point across."

And while Darron is a big star in Columbus, his mom Candice still gets recognized more than her son.

Maybe because she doesn't anchor the news wearing a helmet. 

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