Signing Off in O-Town

WFTV (Orlando) Reporter Lori Brown is packing her bags for the Big D.

Brown is leaving the land of Mickey and headed to KDFW in Dallas.

“I’m looking forward to going back to my home state, and doing my part to provide a check on government in Dallas,” Brown said in an email. She also looks forward to working with a cousin, who is a photojournalist at KDFW.

“We will miss her,” said WFTV news director Matt Parcell to the Orlando Sentinel. “Lori has a deep-down belief in journalism, journalists and the role we play in society. She fit perfectly with the Eyewitness News team’s approach to digging up significant local stories. She’s held many of our government leaders accountable, and I’m sure a few of them won’t be sad to see her leave.”

Brown joined ABC affiliate WFTV in October 2011, her last day is June 5th.