This is a Sweet Way to Resign from your Job

KOLD (Tucson) Director Mark Herman is leaving the station and headed to WKRN in Nashville.

Now it is not often that FTVLive does a story on a Newscast Director leaving a station, but Herman gets props for doing it in a different way.

He handed in his resignation letter on a cake.

Herman called a Tucson bakery and told them how he wanted the cake decorated.

“They said it’s the first time they’ve heard of someone doing something like this, and happily obliged,” the newsman tells Romenesko readers.

Herman emailed his resignation to KOLD news director Michelle Germano, and promised to hand-deliver a physical copy for his personnel file.

“When I came in, I reminded her of that, and said, ‘Here’s the physical copy.'” He then presented her the cake.

And everyone knows how much newsrooms love cake. 

H/T Romenesko