Car Crashes into TV Director's House

Speaking of newscast Director's.....

A Director at WJXT in Jacksonville was woken up Sunday to a damaged house, after a car drove into it.

Not often that you see a hit and run accident involving a house, but that is exactly what happened to WJXT's Ike Levitan.

Levitan said he never heard a thing, and before anyone could see who did it, the car was gone. "You (can) see the tire marks going across the lawn," Levitan said.

The most bizarre part is that no one nearby heard a crash either.

"We usually hear cars going up and down the street all the time, so I thought maybe it was something like that, maybe the house settling -- nothing out of the ordinary, not a car into the house," Levitan said. "Then it was like, 'OK, I've got to get this cleaned up and get this house in order so I can live in it.'"

Levitan said he only found out about the wreck when a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office officer knocked on his door and told him to come outside. Levitan said the neighbor eventually saw the damage and called police.

"It's probably going to be a couple thousand (dollars)," Levitan said. "All I wanted to do was paint the house -- that was the next adventure. Now I have to fix the house."