NBC Might Look at Keeping BriWi in New Role

On Friday, FTVLive wrote that it had been 106 days since NBC announced that they had suspended Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams for lying.

NBC claims they are still investigating other possible lies told by Williams, but people inside NBC News tell FTVLive that no one has been interviewed "in ages" about Williams.

Now, CNN reports that weeks of complex negotiations between Williams and NBC are not yet complete, according to sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

Several of the sources said Williams could end up leaving NBC altogether following a financial settlement. 

But another possibility, and the one advanced in recent discussions, involves a new role for Williams. 

Andy Lack, the chairman of NBC News, has been a proponent of this outcome. 

"Andy's contorting to figure out a way to keep Brian," one of the sources said. 

One of the sources described employee meetings where Lack asked attendees to "think creatively" about a new role for Williams. 

Doing that, however, risks further destabilizing "Nightly News" and offending Lester Holt, who has been widely credited with filling the void created by Williams' suspension and holding onto most of Williams' viewers. 

Whether Williams stays at NBC in some capacity besides "Nightly News" anchor, or whether he leaves the network, Holt will remain at the helm of "Nightly News" for the time being, the sources said.