Back from the Beach

Coming back to the FTVLive World Headquarters is always strange. Although I was only gone a day and a half, I feel so out of touch as I try to get back into the saddle.

I spent the past couple days in West Palm Beach where I played in the US Open Qualifier at Trump International Golf Club.

I will say that the high winds and very firm and fast greens made it one of the tougher rounds of golf I have played in years. And despite finishing in the top 3rd of the field, I did not qualify for the Open.

Out of almost 90 players, only 3 make it onto the Open. I am not one of those 3. 

I want to thank the FTVLive Intern for filling in while I was gone. The Intern rankled a few feathers with his stories and praised some people that deserved it. Just like we like it.

BTW - While I was a Trump International Golf Club I saw Rush Limbaugh's name on one of the lockers at the club. Limbuagh has been a member at the course for years.

After I took a picture, I thought Rush deserved some sort of gift, you know, from the mainstream media.

So I wiped a booger on his locker.

I won't say what I did to Donald Trump's locker.....

Let's get on with Today's news.