Newspaper Guy Comes to the Dark Side

By the most part, Newspaper people have often thumbed their noses at TV people. But, now that the newspaper industry is dying, many are changing their outlook on the electronic media. 

You see more and more newspaper people taking jobs in TV news.

Another example?

Longtime print guy Phil Trexler is one of northeast Ohio's best reporters, having covered crime and courts for the Akron Beacon Journal for the past 16 years (and the News-Herald for seven years before that). Earlier this month,

Trexler left the ABJ to become an Executive Producer for WKYC, teaming up with Cleveland TV news legend "The Investigator," Tom Meyer. 

So what does he think about his move to the dark side?

"It was foreign to me too, to some degree. Initially, I didn't think there was a chance that I would make the transition. It was never anything that I really considered in the past, but looking into the future -- five, ten years down the road -- I thought that this would present a lot of great opportunities. We're doing the same type of journalism, just in a different format, a different frame. On the website, we're all doing the same whether it's print or TV or radio -- you still have a website. But I think us in print have this sort of arrogance when it comes to TV news, that we in print to do it better and with more depth. But it was eye opening when I came here to see the amount of work that goes in to producing just a two to three minute news piece. I spent way more time doing the story we ran Monday on state spending -- spent way more time on that than I had on a news story in print. There's a lot of components that go into producing TV news segments. A lot of what we're doing here is the same as what I was doing in print, but a lot of it is way different."

The print people are learning, it's taking time, but they're learning.