Trading Mickey for the Big Apple

WFTV (Orlando) Reporter Kenneth Craig signed off from the station on Friday and is packing his bags for New York. 

"It's a bittersweet day," Craig told the Orlando Sentinel. "I've been at Channel 9 for four years and today is my last day here. I'm excited about my next chapter. I'm headed to New York City for an opportunity I couldn't be more thrilled about."

He is not yet saying where he is headed in NYC. 

"Kenneth is yet another Eyewitness News employee plucked by a bigger market," said WFTV news director Matt Parcell. "Kenneth has a unique ability to tell difficult stories in a caring, respectful way. He's an excellent writer and carried on the WFTV mission of digging up big stories. Kenneth kept an especially close eye on the educational system where he broke several stories about teacher misconduct and the subsequent follow-up by authorities."

Craig was full of praise for WFTV and his colleagues there. "I work in a newsroom that challenges me every single day while surrounded by people who've made me a better reporter," he said. "I'm grateful for how supportive my news director has been from day one. It's rare to find a workplace with people who care so much about your personal and professional growth."

Well, good thing he's leaving then.