35 Years of Breaking News

CNN will air a special tonight, that's sure to be repeated ad nauseam, to look back on 35 years of "breaking news."

The network will look back at the days when they used to cover news and highlight some of the  major stories in its history.

The stories range from the live reporting from Baghdad as Gulf War combat began in 1991 to O.J. Simpson's car chase and criminal trial.

The program features such CNN alumni as Bernard Shaw, Aaron Brown, Paula Zahn, Larry King and Jim Moret as well as current staffers Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Moret and King reflect on the Simpson coverage. A day after his acquittal, Simpson talked to King. "If we had God booked for that day, we would've bumped God," King says. Moret says the Simpson coverage constituted "the first reality show."

The other stories include Baby Jessica, the Sept. 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the Boston Marathon bombing. A trailer for the special also features footage of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, the death of Princess Diana and the George Zimmerman verdict. 

Zahn and Brown discuss the Sept. 11 coverage. Cooper and Gupta recall reporting on Hurricane Katrina. 

We're hoping that the missing plane is nowhere featured in the coverage. But, we're not holding our breath. 

H/T Orlando Sentinel