Megyn Kelly Grills Donald Trump

Every Presidential Election, Donald Trump likes to make some noise like he is going to run for President.

He will not.

But, he knows the media likes to fall for his charade every time and it gets his orange face on camera, which is all Trump wants.

Trump stopped by Fox News and talked to Megyn Kelly about his fictional run for office.

He told Kelly that he will make an announcement in June about his plans. He told Kelly she might be surprised at what he has to say. 

"I will only be surprised if you announce that you ARE running," Kelly told Trump. 

Kelly cited numbers from Bloomberg poll from April showing that 62 percent of Republicans and independents would "never consider" voting for Trump if he were to run. 

"That's because they don't think I'm running," Trump replied.

And he's not. 

But that won't stop the media for falling for his act just like they have in the past.