Hey....It's What We Do.....

Earlier this week, FTVLive confirmed a story that we first said was going to happen back in March. 

FTVLive told you that St. Louis Anchor Sharon Reed was headed to Atlanta and WGCL.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Media Writer Rodney Ho reported the Reed news and included this line:

Rumors of Reed’s impending arrival go back to March, starting with FTV-live reporting that news director Larry Perret had a meal with her.  (That’s impressive sourcing FTV!)

First Rodney, it's FTVLive all one word, no hyphen, no spaces.

Second, as to the impressive sourcing...it's what we do and it's why we are the best at it (remember kids, it's not bragging if it's true).

But, most of all Rodney, thanks for the shoutout and giving credit where credit is due. Maybe Mike James, the folks at Adweek and a number of others could try it some time.

Just saying....