50 Sexiest People in National TV News

The gang over at Mediaite has come up with their list of the 50 Sexiest in national TV News.


That's a lot of people and Mediaite sorts the list by alphabetical order, which, let's admit it, is a bit of a cop out. This also puts Robin Meade at No. 35 on the list, which is borderline sacrilegious. 

Since the list is so long, basically anyone you can think of in national news is on the list. Well, except for Wolf Blitzer. 

And there are a bunch of people we never even herd of on the list. Lik, who the hell is Leland Vittert?

Maybe, one day, FTVLive will do a list that is a bit more concise and doesn't cop out with the alphabetical order. 

Until then, here's the list from Mediaite.