Waco P-I-O Calls Out CNN for Reporting

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton called out CNN at a press briefing for their reporting on the biker gang shooting. 

As the briefing was wrapping up, Swanton turned his attention to CNN's reporting without mentioning the network by name.

“If you don’t know that it’s a fact, please come to me and I will give that information if I can,” said Swanton.

He continued at scolding length:

"There was a media outlet that was reporting that law enforcement killed four of the individuals at this scene Sunday afternoon. I will tell you, whoever told you that, that person belongs on “CSI” because the autopsies have not been completed and it is impossible at this point to determine that fact. I will tell you, is it possible? Yes. Is it a fact? No. Not until the autopsies are complete and we get the final results. Will we tell you how many we shot and how many were possibly deceased by police rounds? Without a doubt we will. You will know that when we know that. The information that is out there right now — if you got lucky and guessed that number, congratulations. If you didn’t, shame on you for putting that information out there that may have been incorrect."

CNN claims to have gotten that information from a police source.

Swanton appeared later on CNN and again told the network that should stick to the facts.

While speaking to Ashleigh Banfield, he said, "There are lots of possibilities here. What it’s important that you understand is that’s not fact. What you’ll get from the source that’s releasing information, which is Waco police and Texas [Department of Public Safety], is fact. Is there a possibility that more were killed by police? Yes there is. Is there a possibility that less were killed by police? Yes there is. It’s not fact, and that’s what you’re going to get from us.” 

H/T Washington Post