Teen Charged with Stealing News Van with Reporter Still Inside

You have heard the stories of cars being stolen with a baby still in the back seat, but this one has to be a first. 

An 18 year old tried to steal a KPIX news van with a Reporter still in the back. 

KPIX Reporter Da Lin was sitting in the back of his news van parked outside Oakland City Hall when the punk tried to steal it. 

An 18-year-old man tried to steal a KPIX news van parked outside Oakland City Hall — not knowing that the reporter was sitting in the back — and was quickly arrested by an armed security guard, authorities said Tuesday.

Cops say that Marshawn Daniels jumped into an idling news van not knowing that Lin was sitting in the back.

Daniels was quickly detained by an armed security guard.

Lin was sitting in the back working on a story, the van’s ignition was on to power the equipment inside.

Lin, who is small in stature, had moved the driver’s seat close to the steering wheel. Daniels, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, had trouble adjusting the seat and that's what slowed him down. 

Lin told co-workers that he looked over from the back of the van to see if the suspect was armed. Not noticing a weapon, Lin yelled at the suspect, asking him what he was doing in the van.

Daniels jumped out of the van and the security guard, hired by the station and assigned to Lin, chased Daniels to the entrance of City Hall and held him at gunpoint till cops arrived.

H/T SFGate.com