Put the Broads back in Broadcasting

The NY Daily News' Linda Stasi dishes some advice to anchors Bill O'Reilly, Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos.

She comes up with 3 simple rules.

Rule No. 1. Don’t Drag Your Wife Down the Stairs is clearly aimed at Bill O'Reilly

Rule No. 2. Don’t Pay Where You Eat is for George Stephanopoulos

And Rule No. 3. Report the Truth, and You Won’t Get Bitten in the Butt, she is looking squarely at BriWi.

And then Stasi makes this point:

"Correct me if I’m misremembering too, but do you remember these kinds of scandals ever hitting female anchors? I mean, did Diane Sawyer ever say she got shot down in Iraq, did Katie Couric ever contribute big to the Clintons, did Barbara Walters ever beat a husband?"

Solution: More women in anchor chairs.

You have to admit...she makes a good point.